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I went to camp last week. I was there for 5 days.

In the morning it was raining and after that it wasn’t. So it was mostly sunny.

We got to play games. We played whiffle ball, but the ball was filled with shaving cream.  We played steal the bacon. The bacon was a swimming noodle that kept breaking in half.

We played dodgeball with 4 teams playing at once.

I got to swim and play paint ball. I made crafts–I got to paint on the wall in the craft cabin.

For skill time, I did archery, rifle range, hiking, and basketball.

Camp’s food was good. I liked Taco Tuesday, cinnamon french toast sticks, and pizza.

My counselor was nice. He went swimming with us.

In chapel, I learned about transforming into a new person by believing that Jesus died on the cross. You transform your everyday life by reading the Bible.

God wants to change the way we live. Transforming means to be something else.

Camp is fun. I like to for the games and the fun and the learning. (I just said that to make mom happy.)


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I got this for Christmas 2 years ago, and Christmas last year from my Aunt.

You build it and you run marbles down it.

I like to watch the marbles go down. You put them in the top and they come out the bottom.

I lose the marbles under the piano because I put 10 marbles in at once. I don’t always but sometimes.

If you get this, don’t get the extension sets until you’re 8 or 9 because it’s hard to build it.  I needed help until I got a little bit older.

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Edvard Grieg

We’re learning about Edvard Grieg in school.
He’s a composer from Norway. I like to say the word Norwegian. It sounds like the word Walligi & Luigi. (This is from Mario Games.)

Here’s a funny story about Edvard Grieg.

He lived far away from school. When the kids got wet from walking to school in the rain, they could go home and change. Then they had to come back.
Edvard Grieg would sit under gutters and get soaked so he could go home and change. Because he lived so far away school would be over.

So one day he came to school soaking and it hardly rained so he didn’t get to go home and change.

He’s not as popular as he should be because Norwegian is hard to transfer to English.

**I heard this story about him at classics for kids.

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In This Country of Ours, we are reading about the Indians and Jamestown colony.

They discovered that the Indians smoked tobacco. The people in England wanted it. Sir Walter Raleigh brought it back to England.

The colonists grew it and sold it to England.

King James thought tobacco was a thing from the pit of hell. He said it will make your brain hurt and make your lungs bad.

They didn’t care what he thought they kept smoking it.

I agree with the King.

Do you agree with the king?

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I got a coconut for Christmas and we were going to make a coconut cake.

When we had a little piece of it it tasted like vinegar.
It had cracks on it. When coconuts have little cracks it can get bad really fast.

We bought another one with lots of milk in it. We didn’t make the cake yet.

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Amelia Earhart

I started learning about her when we learned about Kansas.
I wanted to learn more.

She loved roller coasters when she was a kid. She loved planes.

She had 3 different planes. One of them floated on the water. It was called Friendship.

She had a partner when she flew to Hawaii.
Her last plane was the Electra. The cockpit was only 5 feet in every direction. There were 2 people in the cockpit.
In one of the planes, they took out all the radio equipment because they didn’t know how to use it.

She was probably within 500 miles from an island. She crashed.

They found 1/2 of her plane and they found bones on an island they think were her.
They think that coconut crabs took some of their bones.

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I’m taking apart a bike. I made a game out of it.
You see how long you can sit on it without it falling.

I can do it for a minute maybe.

I’m taking this bike apart because it’s fun. It’s a broken piece of junk so it’s ok for me to do this.

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Lightyears are 6 trillion miles. I thought lightyears were time, but they are distance.

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A snake was found in China with a foot.
Scientists didn’t know it was possible for a snake to grow a leg but they knew it was possible for a snake to grow 2 heads.
It was beaten to death by the Chinese woman who found it on her wall in her bedroom.

My mom is a chicken for snakes. She never went near one or touched one or put it around her neck for a million bucks.

Do you want to see it?

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I went to Camp. It was really fun.
I went with my friend from church.
I did fishing, archery, bebe rifle, swimming, crafts, paintball, and games.

My favorite part was archery and gaga ball.

Gaga ball is when you’re in a octagon and you try to hit people’s feet with the ball. If the ball hits your waist and below you’re out.
If you pick it up you’re out. It was just really fun. I played it 1,000 times.

I drank soda everyday.

We went to chapel two times a day. I learned that Nebuchadnezzar got turned into an animal when he wasn’t obeying God.

Early in the morning on Wednesday morning they had the polar bear swim. You could see the fog coming off the pond. If you dipped your whole body in including your head, you got 100 points for your team.
Counselors were 200 points.

I liked my counselor.

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