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There’s Jelly Belly’s that they make that are vomit flavored. And they actually taste like vomit.

There is pencil shavings, ear wax, booger, and wet wipes.

I heard that from my aunt. She sent us the video of this man who went to a school and the boy asked what is the ingredient in a vomit flavored jelly belly.

And the man went to the place where they sell them and he tried one and said it tastes like vomit.

I want to try a vomit flavored Jelly Belly really bad. I want to see if it really does taste like vomit.

I think that’s sort of gross though.
You can watch the video here.


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There is a school book we’re reading that’s called Joan of Arc.

We kept reading other books that were about Joan of Arc.

And then we read one that gave away the end of the book. It was really annoying because it gave away the end of the story.

And then there was another one that was about Joan of Arc and that gave away the middle of the story, but Mom skipped that one so it didn’t ruin the story.

She was a peasant girl. She said angels were talking to her and telling her to go to the war to help save France.

When we read, we have a map. I put where her travels are on the map and where her wars were.

We’re not done with the Joan of Arc book yet, but I know that she died at the end.

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