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I heard about an experiment from my friend.
You squeeze an egg with pressure all around it and it won’t break.

When we tried it, it worked. I felt like it was going to break but it didn’t.
The trick is to squeeze it with one hand. You have to make sure that you’re pushing as hard as you can but you have to do it evenly.

When my mom’s friend did it, she didn’t break it. Her husband did it and it exploded all over the kitchen.
He looked like we set him up.
We all laughed a lot.

He didn’t put the pressure on evenly.

Try it–don’t push it with all your might otherwise it hurts.
Try it over the sink or over a bowl or in a room that’s really easy in to clean up. Just in case!

Tell me if you tried it.


April 20, 2009 Posted by | My Science | 4 Comments