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I went to Camp. It was really fun.
I went with my friend from church.
I did fishing, archery, bebe rifle, swimming, crafts, paintball, and games.

My favorite part was archery and gaga ball.

Gaga ball is when you’re in a octagon and you try to hit people’s feet with the ball. If the ball hits your waist and below you’re out.
If you pick it up you’re out. It was just really fun. I played it 1,000 times.

I drank soda everyday.

We went to chapel two times a day. I learned that Nebuchadnezzar got turned into an animal when he wasn’t obeying God.

Early in the morning on Wednesday morning they had the polar bear swim. You could see the fog coming off the pond. If you dipped your whole body in including your head, you got 100 points for your team.
Counselors were 200 points.

I liked my counselor.