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Edvard Grieg

We’re learning about Edvard Grieg in school.
He’s a composer from Norway. I like to say the word Norwegian. It sounds like the word Walligi & Luigi. (This is from Mario Games.)

Here’s a funny story about Edvard Grieg.

He lived far away from school. When the kids got wet from walking to school in the rain, they could go home and change. Then they had to come back.
Edvard Grieg would sit under gutters and get soaked so he could go home and change. Because he lived so far away school would be over.

So one day he came to school soaking and it hardly rained so he didn’t get to go home and change.

He’s not as popular as he should be because Norwegian is hard to transfer to English.

**I heard this story about him at classics for kids.


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In This Country of Ours, we are reading about the Indians and Jamestown colony.

They discovered that the Indians smoked tobacco. The people in England wanted it. Sir Walter Raleigh brought it back to England.

The colonists grew it and sold it to England.

King James thought tobacco was a thing from the pit of hell. He said it will make your brain hurt and make your lungs bad.

They didn’t care what he thought they kept smoking it.

I agree with the King.

Do you agree with the king?

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