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I went to camp last week. I was there for 5 days.

In the morning it was raining and after that it wasn’t. So it was mostly sunny.

We got to play games. We played whiffle ball, but the ball was filled with shaving cream.  We played steal the bacon. The bacon was a swimming noodle that kept breaking in half.

We played dodgeball with 4 teams playing at once.

I got to swim and play paint ball. I made crafts–I got to paint on the wall in the craft cabin.

For skill time, I did archery, rifle range, hiking, and basketball.

Camp’s food was good. I liked Taco Tuesday, cinnamon french toast sticks, and pizza.

My counselor was nice. He went swimming with us.

In chapel, I learned about transforming into a new person by believing that Jesus died on the cross. You transform your everyday life by reading the Bible.

God wants to change the way we live. Transforming means to be something else.

Camp is fun. I like to for the games and the fun and the learning. (I just said that to make mom happy.)