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Finishing the World Records for Now

Earthquakes–Concepcion, Chile in 1960 8.7 2,000 died. Strongest quake ever.

Volcanic Eruptions Tambora, Indonesia 1850 92,000 people starved to death

FloodsHolland 1228 100,000 drowned by sea flood

StormsCaribbean “Great Hurricane” 1780 Biggest ever hurricane killed over 20,000.


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More World Records

Biggest Island–Greenland 840,000 square miles

Tallest inhabited buildings–Petronas Towers, Malaysia 1,483 feet

Biggest Cities/Urban Areas–Tokyo, Japan 26.4 million

Famous Waterfalls–Angel Falls Venezuala 3,212 feet

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World Records

The highest Mountain–Everest Nepal/China 29,035 feet

The longest river–Nile Africa 4,145 miles

Biggest Natural Lakes–Caspian Sea 143,243 square miles

Deepest Ocean–Mariana Trench part of the Pacific Ocean is the deepest part of the sea at 35,797 feet deep.

Deepest Lake–Lake Baikal in Russia is the deepest lake in the world. It is at it’s deepest point 5,370 feet deep.

I got it from the Usborne Little School Atlas.

It’s fun to see how big some things are.

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