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Lightyears are 6 trillion miles. I thought lightyears were time, but they are distance.

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A snake was found in China with a foot.
Scientists didn’t know it was possible for a snake to grow a leg but they knew it was possible for a snake to grow 2 heads.
It was beaten to death by the Chinese woman who found it on her wall in her bedroom.

My mom is a chicken for snakes. She never went near one or touched one or put it around her neck for a million bucks.

Do you want to see it?

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Snap Circuits


Snap Circuits are fun. I got them for Christmas one year.
They are electronics. There is one where I take a red box and a speaker and I have to put them in a certain spot and it makes three different siren sounds.

I like to take the fan blade and the batteries and make it fly. Our cats get up close and I turn it on and then they jump up in the air. It’s really funny. They don’t get hurt.

There is a lightbulb and it’s so bright you can use it like a booklight.

If you have a little boy, maybe they should have them.

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I heard about an experiment from my friend.
You squeeze an egg with pressure all around it and it won’t break.

When we tried it, it worked. I felt like it was going to break but it didn’t.
The trick is to squeeze it with one hand. You have to make sure that you’re pushing as hard as you can but you have to do it evenly.

When my mom’s friend did it, she didn’t break it. Her husband did it and it exploded all over the kitchen.
He looked like we set him up.
We all laughed a lot.

He didn’t put the pressure on evenly.

Try it–don’t push it with all your might otherwise it hurts.
Try it over the sink or over a bowl or in a room that’s really easy in to clean up. Just in case!

Tell me if you tried it.

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What is your favorite season?

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This is the most poisonous animal in the world. If you touch it’s skin, it can poison you through your skin.

These frogs are very small.

You can read about it here.

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Baking Soda Explosion

sodaTo do this explosion, you need

1 tablespoon of vinegar

2 tablespoons of baking soda


When you mix them together it overflows. I like it because it’s like a volcano.

You don’t have to do it in the basement but you at least have to do it in a big bowl otherwise it will make a huge mess.


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