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I got a coconut for Christmas and we were going to make a coconut cake.

When we had a little piece of it it tasted like vinegar.
It had cracks on it. When coconuts have little cracks it can get bad really fast.

We bought another one with lots of milk in it. We didn’t make the cake yet.


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I’m taking apart a bike. I made a game out of it.
You see how long you can sit on it without it falling.

I can do it for a minute maybe.

I’m taking this bike apart because it’s fun. It’s a broken piece of junk so it’s ok for me to do this.

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I went to Camp. It was really fun.
I went with my friend from church.
I did fishing, archery, bebe rifle, swimming, crafts, paintball, and games.

My favorite part was archery and gaga ball.

Gaga ball is when you’re in a octagon and you try to hit people’s feet with the ball. If the ball hits your waist and below you’re out.
If you pick it up you’re out. It was just really fun. I played it 1,000 times.

I drank soda everyday.

We went to chapel two times a day. I learned that Nebuchadnezzar got turned into an animal when he wasn’t obeying God.

Early in the morning on Wednesday morning they had the polar bear swim. You could see the fog coming off the pond. If you dipped your whole body in including your head, you got 100 points for your team.
Counselors were 200 points.

I liked my counselor.

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Smores are graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows.

You heat the marshmallows over the fire and then you put them on the graham cracker with the chocolate.

You put another graham cracker on top and then you eat it.

It’s really good. It’s sticky and gooey.

We wrote this because someone asked in the comments what Smores are.

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Tongue Twister

When we were at Barne’s & Noble, my Uncle and me were looking at tongue twister books. We saw one that was

Greek Grapes

Say Greek Grapes three times as fast as you can.

Red Leather, Yellow Leather say that over and over as fast as you can.

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There’s Jelly Belly’s that they make that are vomit flavored. And they actually taste like vomit.

There is pencil shavings, ear wax, booger, and wet wipes.

I heard that from my aunt. She sent us the video of this man who went to a school and the boy asked what is the ingredient in a vomit flavored jelly belly.

And the man went to the place where they sell them and he tried one and said it tastes like vomit.

I want to try a vomit flavored Jelly Belly really bad. I want to see if it really does taste like vomit.

I think that’s sort of gross though.
You can watch the video here.

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