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There is a school book we’re reading that’s called Joan of Arc.

We kept reading other books that were about Joan of Arc.

And then we read one that gave away the end of the book. It was really annoying because it gave away the end of the story.

And then there was another one that was about Joan of Arc and that gave away the middle of the story, but Mom skipped that one so it didn’t ruin the story.

She was a peasant girl. She said angels were talking to her and telling her to go to the war to help save France.

When we read, we have a map. I put where her travels are on the map and where her wars were.

We’re not done with the Joan of Arc book yet, but I know that she died at the end.


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Baking Soda Explosion

sodaTo do this explosion, you need

1 tablespoon of vinegar

2 tablespoons of baking soda


When you mix them together it overflows. I like it because it’s like a volcano.

You don’t have to do it in the basement but you at least have to do it in a big bowl otherwise it will make a huge mess.


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Finishing the World Records for Now

Earthquakes–Concepcion, Chile in 1960 8.7 2,000 died. Strongest quake ever.

Volcanic Eruptions Tambora, Indonesia 1850 92,000 people starved to death

FloodsHolland 1228 100,000 drowned by sea flood

StormsCaribbean “Great Hurricane” 1780 Biggest ever hurricane killed over 20,000.

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Gross Olives

I don’t like olives. They are gross–really gross. When I was over at my friend’s house, they made macaroni and cheese with olives.
And then I had to eat it because it was the only thing for dinner.
My friend eats olives right out of the jar. That’s sick.

Here’s a funny story. When my mom was little, she told her sister that the olives were grapes. And so she fell for it and took a big bite of them and she ended up finding out that they were olives and she was spitting them out.
My mom hates olives too so that was really mean.

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I am in level B and I really like piano.

I like the deep notes.

I love intervals too. I like thirds. They are my favorite.

I like to play Mary Had a Little Lamb.

I always break the keys. Every time I hit them too hard they’re gone.

We have an old piano. Then my Mom always gets mad because it costs so much to get it repaired and because I know I shouldn’t break the piano keys.

My aunt taught me to play butt music. You sit on the piano and you move.

But now I’m not allowed to do it because I always break the keys.

My mom is my very own piano teacher.

I love the piano.

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My Blob

I never knew bloggin’ would be so fun.

I like everything so far.

I like the comments. Thank you for all the comments.

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More World Records

Biggest Island–Greenland 840,000 square miles

Tallest inhabited buildings–Petronas Towers, Malaysia 1,483 feet

Biggest Cities/Urban Areas–Tokyo, Japan 26.4 million

Famous Waterfalls–Angel Falls Venezuala 3,212 feet

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World Records

The highest Mountain–Everest Nepal/China 29,035 feet

The longest river–Nile Africa 4,145 miles

Biggest Natural Lakes–Caspian Sea 143,243 square miles

Deepest Ocean–Mariana Trench part of the Pacific Ocean is the deepest part of the sea at 35,797 feet deep.

Deepest Lake–Lake Baikal in Russia is the deepest lake in the world. It is at it’s deepest point 5,370 feet deep.

I got it from the Usborne Little School Atlas.

It’s fun to see how big some things are.

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Tae Kwon Do

Last night at Tae Kwon Do, I kicked the target 30 times in a row without putting my foot down.

Somebody holds the big blue target and then you kick it. It doesn’t hurt.

It’s not really hard to do it.

yellow-belt-web This picture is me at my promotion ceremony.

I was getting a yellow belt.

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Welcome to my blog.

My mom wants me to have a blog for writing.

I always call blogs “blobs”.

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